Pragmatic Communication for Change

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I deliver training on:

  • Employee engagement
  • Consultation with employees
  • Diversity / Inclusion
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Cross cultural training for business

When there is change in the workplace, a variety of problems arise:

  • A breakdown in communications
  • A drop in morale
  • A drop in productivity
  • Higher staff turnover
  • Less innovation

My training addresses these problems by providing you with a practical system for understanding and communicating change, including:

  • A communication toolkit
  • How to manage expectations
  • How to manage difficult emotions
  • How to overcome cross-cultural differences

How else can I help? I’m happy to:

  • Speak at your event
  • Do a culture audit: does your culture help or impede the achieving of strategic business objectives?

I’m interested in making the world of work a better place to be, and to that end, I develop, design and deliver training on engagement, information & consultation, diversity & inclusion and organisational culture. I also speak about these topics at various events.

I’ve worked for a wide variety of companies in the private, public and third sectors.

Clients include: B&Q, BP, Enterprise Ireland, HarperCollins, Glenmorangie, PepsiCo, Amey, DHL, Prudential, Orange, IPA, amongst others.